Hi, everyone! Director here with some patch notes.
This patch is fist patch in LOLEX. This patch is not added new fuction and deleted some fuctions, also fixed a fatal BUGs. “

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[BUG FIXES.1] match-v5 returns meaningless data

We’ve found that some of match historys didn’t recieved data properly. After looking at the cause, we can find out that the cause was RIOT API.

"info": {
        "endOfGameResult": "Abort_Unexpected",
        "frameInterval": 0,
        "frames": [
                "events": [
                        "gameId": 6834713231,
                        "realTimestamp": 1709066369872,
                        "timestamp": 0,
                        "type": "GAME_END",
                        "winningTeam": 0
                "participantFrames": null,
                "timestamp": 0
        "gameId": 0,
        "participants": []

For what reason, Riot API sent data that didn’t contain anything, so we can’t recognize this. So we solved this problem by making an exception of error. But inevitably, we can’t confirm match records of the error.


[BUG FIXES.2] Changed structure of SUMMONER-V4

We’ve found that Summoner’s name is inaccurate. It because, structure of SUMMONER-V4 is changed.

    puuid = id_data['puuid']
    name_url = 'https://kr.api.riotgames.com/lol/summoner/v4/summoners/by-puuid/{}?api_key={}'.format(puuid,apikey)
    summoner_info = get_json(name_url)
    lol_name = name # Modified
    encrypted_id = summoner_info['id']
    profile_id = summoner_info['profileIconId']
    summoner_level = summoner_info['summonerLevel']

We solved this problem by receiving another variable.

[CHANGES.1] Changes in search format

The By SummonerName endpoint in SUMMONER-V$ is deprecated as part of the transition from Summoner Name to Riot ID, so this function will be removed on April 22.


So out search format also changed!
From now on, you won’t be able to search with out RIOT TAG.


function searchPost(){
        let searchValue = document.getElementById("search-input").value.trim();
        searchValue = searchValue.replace(/#/g,"-")
        if(searchValue.length > 1){
          if(searchValue.indexOf('-') != -1){
            alert('Riot tag가 존재하지않습니다.')
          alert('소환사 이름이 너무 짧습니다.');



    document.getElementById('search-input').addEventListener('keyup', function(event)

[UPDATES.2] Delete the Leaderboard

We’ve deleted the leaderboard function being fixed. But we made new function.


You will now be able to see your Challenges!

After change